Booth Space Rental for West Union Fest ~ 2014
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Friday June 6th thru Sunday June 8th


Friday evening streets open for vender set up from Noon – 5:00pm

And Saturday morning from 6am – 9am.

Vendors must be cleared out by 4:30 pm-Sunday.

Name (person or organization):___________________________________________________________

Contact Name: __________________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________


eMail Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Telephone #:_______________________ Fax #:______________________

Booth purpose:   Informational / Demonstration / Vending / Other_______________________________


Describe your product ____________________________________________________________________
(Handmade? / What materials? / Is it local? / Is it a tradition?

List Food Products you will be selling:




Do you need Electric?   ______________ Electric 110 Volts AC ONLY!!!  24 Slots Available $25.00

How many Amps? _________________

Water Hook Up ? ___________________  $25.00 Fee

It is mandatory that you partake in Festival all

three days during scheduled hours.


Space assignment and confirmation will be mailed to you. We   CAN NOT accommodate special spots.


Fee:   $25.00 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 4pm.
Fee:   Additional $25.00 charge for Electric 110 Volts AC ONLY!!!

FEE:  FREE For non-profit organizations  – entertainment        providers

***    Peddler fee for Festival Sales included in charge ***

***  Commercial Vendors needing special set-up, multiple booths, contact us for pricing ***

Please return
  Fee (if applicable), completed Vendor Application    AND   a copy of a  Signed Vendors Agreement Liability Form  BY FRIDAY MAY 31ST to:

 Porters Grinds & Finds 108 W Main St West Union WV 26456


304-873-3416 Questions pls call & ask for Tammy pls do not contact during the hrs of

11 am to 2pm     

Or you may contact: 

Brian or Hedy Lipscomb at: 304-873-1392 

Mail Completed Forms and Payment to:

West Union Fest

C/o Porters Grinds & Finds
108 West Main Street
West Union, WV 26456   





This agreement, entered into this ____ day of ___________, 2014 by and between West Union Fest, hereinafter referred to as West Union Fest and ______________________________________________________referred to as the vendor. 

Witnessed; that for and in consideration of the payment of the vendor’s fee and the performance of the covenants contained herein, West Union Fest grants permission to the vendor for the use of vending space at West Union Fest to be conducted on June 6th through June 8th 2014 at west union, west Virginia, county of Doddridge.  The vendor fee for this consideration is for up to 10’ frontage

Be sure to request the correct amount of power. Over usage will constitute immediate disconnection and forfeit of vendors’ fee.  The flat fee is for up to 35 amps.  More can be made available if prior request is approved in advance.


Amps/Water or equipment description: ____________________________________


Front footage: __________________________________


Special Provisions requested by Vendor  (if any ) Must be approved by Committee ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________






Deadlines for   set up on   all booths:

Friday June 6th by 5pm (Can begin set up at Noon on Friday the 6th)

Saturday June 7th by 9am

Main Street will be patrolled with Security during overnight hours. However it is your responsibility to secure your areas appropriately.

If you do not set up your booth for the date you schedule on application, your space may be changed or unavailable.



All vendors must meet local fire codes (no cooking or stoves under or near tents) 
all food vendors must have current heath dept. License / food handler's certificate (HD# 304-873-1531). 
No roaming vendors


Vendors’ booths must not be left unattended during operating hours.


Food vendors hook up:

        Water, must have food approval hose (white or white with blue stripes),

        Electrical cords, must provide own cords - we will advise length needed depending on assigned location.

        must supply own trash cans and removal 

* Most important - there is no such thing as "gray water" all water waste is considered sewage and must be disposed as such. (Containment areas are available)


Food vendors shall only sell items you have on your contract.


Further mutually agreed between the parties as follows:


1. Vendor shall not violate state or local laws or ordinances.


2.  Vendor shall not offer for sale goods or products, which are morally objectionable. West Union Fest reserves the right to void this agreement in the event the operators of the West Union Fest have determined that the goods and/or products being sold do not fit the above description.  In such case, there will be no refund given of any fees collected from the vendor.


3. This agreement, or any part thereof, shall not be

Re-assigned by vendor without the consent of West Union Fest.


4. Vendors shall be responsible for supplies for their own booth, which includes trash cans and removal of all trash to the proper trash disposal bins, as well as cleaning up their area daily.


5.  Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless West Union Fest west union, individually and all of its employees and volunteers, from any liability, cause of action, claim or judgment, of any nature whatsoever, that arises out of the operation of West Union Fest and results from negligent acts or omissions of West Union Fest officers, agents and volunteers.





6. Vendor further agrees to indemnify and to hold harmless West Union Fest and all of its officers, agents, employees and volunteers from any vicarious liability, cause of action, claim or judgment that results from a negligent act or omission by the West Union Fest operators, agents, officers, employees and volunteers.


_______________________________________________________       ______

Vendor’s name                                                                                        date



Address/city, state and zip


Area code phone number (        ) -_______________________


West Union Festival Committee Vendor Approval :______________________________________

( Must be Tammy Porter, Brian or Hedy Lipscomb … all applications subject to approval )

Date: _______________________________



Vendor Will Be Responsible For Any Damages To Grounds In Your Area Including But Not Limited To The Digging Up Or Disturbing Of Landscaping Or Possible Contaminant Spills.

West Union Fest reserves the right to make changes to this contract. This is only due to unknown changes in local and state fees or policies for the year 2014 if any.


We look forward to an exciting Festival this year, please know our committee has grown and we have many great ideas and plans in store as well as Professional Marketing. Please let us know as soon as possible of your commitment to the festival so we may put you on the maps that are being made for distribution.


Thank you

West Union Festival Committee