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The Town of West Union, West Virginia was 125 years old in July 2006   ...   and Counting!!

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Special Note for WestUnionFest  126:  This page is from WestUnionFest 125, but...
YES!!!!!!  The Guinness Attempt will be on display for 2007 WestUnionFest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Join us as we attempt...  Guinness World Record


Attempt Title: Largest Genealogy Chart ever attempted
Attempt Date: Saturday, July 22, 2006
Attempt Location: United States
Place Name: West Union, WV 26456
Details: The Largest Family Tree Chart ever done. The Town of West Union, WV, USA is sponsoring this in honor of the Town's 125th Anniversary - Swiger Run History Museum docents will be running the exhibit during a Festival held on July 22, 2006.

Several family trees have been complied by local genealogical societies. We are in an area that has not been easily accessed in the past (part of Appalachia) and most of these family trees intersect at several points. We intend to generate an entry for each person in these trees, and place it in place on a wall of plywood. As fairgoers pass the tree, they will be encouraged to fill out their own card and it will be pinned in place on the tree.

We feel we can increase the database of individuals on these lines by 35%. The record may be based on the size of the chart as well as the number of individuals listed. Most genealogists do not do large charts (while they may have a large database of individuals, large charts are not printable or copyable and must be hand done.) We have enough with current information to fill three pieces of plywood at present time and expect that another four will be filled by the end of the festival.

Claimant Details:
Contact: Ms Frances Stewart 101 Maple Street, West Union, WV (Doddridge County) 26456  United States
Organisation: the Town of West Union
Website http://www.westunion-wv.com
Phone 304 873-3379
Main Email fran.stewart@gmail.com

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