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WEST Union FEST 131...

The Town of West Union, West Virginia was 125 years old in July 2006   ...   and Counting!!

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 Walking Tour of West Union, WV


202 E Main St ~ 1950

First published in 1977, The Herald Record continues in the tradition of The Salem Herald (est. 1898), The West Union Herald, and The West Union Record (est. 1879).  This weekly newspaper serves the West Union Community well.  Editor: Virginia Nicholson


Levine Home High St

  110 East High Street ~ Circa 1906

The Lavine home on High Street, across the street from the Lathrop Charter house was restored during the last few years  - even down to the original flooring.  Paul and Liz Jerrett could not find an exact date for the building, although 1906 was scratched into the plaster under the wallpaper...

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